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Sure, 12 years of school may have been dreadful and exhausting, but that’s not the end of your life.

As much as you want to avoid it, the future is inevitable, so might as well prepare for it!

  • Planning your life allows you to know what matters most.
  • Think thoroughly, should I watch Netflix, or finish my HW?
  • When you prepare for the future, you will know what your purpose in life is.
  • You’ll realise that life…

Transparency — what is it?

  • You have nothing to hide with your peers and teammates.
  • You establish yourself to be one who is honest and credible.
  • You’re setting a good example in being truthful & genuine with one another.
  • You’ve heard the phrase “communication is key” a…

Defining an Effective Speech

Types of Speakers, and When to Speak

  • Moderators are able to both navigate and…

“Alexa, please define dreams.”

  • It is involuntary
  • It provokes strong emotions
  • It happens in a first-person perspective
  • It sometimes may be illogical and unclear

Why do we dream?

App 1: Google Calendar

  • Schedule and plan out your day.
  • Add reminders and tasks to the calendar as well!
  • Tip: it’s incredibly satisfying to click ‘completed’ and scratch that baby off.

Movie Recap!

Perhaps you’ve heard the term Placebo effect, but do you know what it is or how it works?

Know the difference!

Fundamentals of Goal-Setting

  • Chasing a large goal or achievement, which involves, having small milestones
  • Recording checkpoints that you try to achieve within a set period of time
  • Markings of completion as a sign of progress

Signs That You Are Setting The Correct Goals

Is ‘Happyness’ correct?

Movie Recap!

Mindset — What is It?

  • Beliefs
  • Opinions
  • Thoughts we’ve formed about the world.
  • Our mindsets are very deeply ingrained within our beliefs, so it requires a lot of work to change them.

Fixed vs. Growth

  • People with this mindset believe that it is talent alone that leads to success.
  • People with this mindset believe that with…


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