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Well, they’re pretty much just electro-chemical reactions! It may sound simple, but thoughts tend to be complex and hard to understand.

In the human brain, there are about 100 billion neurones (nerve cells), interconnected by trillions of synapses(connections).

These thoughts are triggered by external stimuli — examples are you hear…

In case you’ve been living under a rock, about 2 years ago, arguably the best movie in the world was playing in the cinemas. Through this movie, Marvel Studios was able to not only give us the thrills, but also tears that tore us apart.

Thanos had just wiped out…

Sure, 12 years of school may have been dreadful and exhausting, but that’s not the end of your life.

As much as you want to avoid it, the future is inevitable, so might as well prepare for it!

Why do you need to prepare for your future?

In simple terms…

By definition, it’s the quality of being transparent. It’s known as one of the most important ingredients of being a great leader!

If you are being transparent, it means that —

  • You have nothing to hide with your peers and teammates.
  • You establish yourself to be one who is honest…

Let’s start with the obvious: you know an effective speech when you hear one.

Business meetings, speech competitions or formal events will allow you to realize that speeches are important — the expression of your thoughts is used to convey your ideas to others, which usually results in a motivated…

“Dreams are thoughts, stories and images that are created by our minds when we sleep. They can be entertaining, romantic, confusing or perfectly rational.”

Some common characteristics of dreaming are:

  • It is involuntary
  • It provokes strong emotions
  • It happens in a first-person perspective
  • It sometimes may be illogical and unclear

At this point, who doesn’t know about Google Calendar?

  • Schedule and plan out your day.
  • Add reminders and tasks to the calendar as well!
  • Tip: it’s incredibly satisfying to click ‘completed’ and scratch that baby off.

A Silent Voice is a drama animated film that is told in two different time periods, with the first half set in Shoyo Ishida and Shoko Nishimaya’s childhood. Shoko, being deaf, was heavily bullied by Ishida. This was done through various gimmicks and pranks which progressively got worse. …

The Placebo Effect is a recognised phenomenon and it has played a huge role in the history of medicine. Doctors produce a placebo drug(often are sugar pills) or treatment and test it onto patients. …

The practice of Goal-Setting involves the constant thinking of the future, and how we can plan to improve ourselves in preparation for bringing our lives onto a desired path. Often times, goal setting takes the form of:

  • Chasing a large goal or achievement, which involves, having small milestones
  • Recording checkpoints…


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