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Big Screen Bigger Picture: A Silent Voice

Movie Recap!

In the next time frame, Ishida is a suicidal high school student and he intends to kill himself, but he ends up changing his mind. He made a last-minute choice to apologize to Shoko after all these years, and the two begin to bond despite their rocky childhood.

Lesson #1: Empathizing Bullying

Throughout the movie, we can see how Shoko and Ishida both experience their own struggles with bullying. With Shoko getting her hearing aids broken time and time again, then Ishida getting ignored by all of his classmates, and Shoko getting verbally bullied by Ueno on the ferris wheel, this film shows us the feeling of emptiness that comes hand in hand with loneliness.

Lesson #2: People Change

However, what’s worth learning from Shoko’s behavior in this movie is her willingness to forgive Ishida. To, after all the pain and bullying she endured, still be able to forgive the person who caused all that — that is most definitely an admirable quality.

Not only that, another lesson is that when given the opportunity, people can change. Ishida was able to improve himself only because he was provided the chance through Shoko’s kindness and forgiveness.

Lesson #3: Mental Health

With anxiety, the movie creatively and expertly uses crosses on people’s faces to depict what Ishida feels as he passes through the halls of the school. He clearly feels that everyone around him would only hurt him and he does not want to look them in the eye.


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