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Dealing with Failure

What exactly defines failure?

  • Even after spending weeks of studying and preparation, we fail to execute our game plan and end up with a lack of success.

The definition of failure: the condition of not reaching an intended objective, but that does not mean that failure should define who you are.

Why do humans fail?

  • The easiest answer is because we are flawed beings, but there are common problems that trigger humans to experience failure.
  1. You fail because you get distracted almost too easily.
  • No one in the world has ever accomplished anything worthwhile without having strong discipline.
  • Discipline means that you stay focused; avoiding all distractions, temptations and making big sacrifices.
  • Most of you switch your attention at an instant, focusing on the wrong things. When this happens, you become closer to failing rather than succeeding.

2. You doubt yourself too much.

  • When you have poor self-esteem, you lose all of your confidence.
  • If you don’t believe it is possible, then how are you able to achieve it?
  • The mind plays a huge role in the way you act and the decisions you take, so have a bit of faith in yourself!

3. You lack persistence.

  • Many people fail because they just decide to stop, not because they lack in ability or knowledge.
  • 2 words that you need to keep in your head are persistence and resistance. (Be persistent in what you know should be done and be resistant against things that ought not to be done)

Spectrum of Reasons for Failure!

This spectrum will allow you to measure and identify how things went.

How do you prevent this from happening in the future?

Educate yourself — It’s very important that you keep on continuing to gain more expertise and information. This will help you in the long run as you become more experienced and knowledgeable to face challenges.

Be dedicated up to 100% — When you don’t show your fullest engagement, the chances of you failing increase. This is why all your desires, attention and commitment should go towards the project or task at hand to reach the goal!

Do not give up too easily! — a great number of people fail because they surrender earlier than expected. This happens because specific obstacles appear and things become too hard to bear.What you should do is overcome the hurdles! Don’t look at how hard the challenge is, but focus on the willingness.

Also, what should I do when I fail?

A premortem is essentially a strategy where an individual/team works backward to identify what went wrong with the project.

You can ask yourself what you did wrong, and identify the measures you should take in the future.

Learn to accept how you feel

Honestly, failing sucks and it hurts most of the time. Despite that, learn to accept it and let it in.

What you should not do is reject all these awful feelings and keep them away because they can haunt you later. When you do accept fate, the pain would be much more bearable.

Improve your self-esteem

Often times, failures drag us down, making us lower our self-confidence. In order to improve it, you have to know that even if you fail, you are not a failure!

We all face setbacks in life, but what matters is that we have the adversity and courage to move on!


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