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Importance of Transparency

Transparency — what is it?

If you are being transparent, it means that —

  • You have nothing to hide with your peers and teammates.
  • You establish yourself to be one who is honest and credible.
  • You’re setting a good example in being truthful & genuine with one another.

Do you want to create transparency within yourself or with the people around you?

Try out these steps from us at LITE for improving transparency!

Clear communication!

  • You’ve heard the phrase “communication is key” a few times already, and indeed so it is an important trait to transparency.
  • With clear communication, you’re able to understand one another better.
  • If you’re in a leadership position, it’s very crucial that you clearly talk to your members so they also know exactly what’s expected of them.

Being honest.

  • Let’s be honest, are you being frank and real with your friends, organization and community? Do you take time to discuss or share information when things are not going well?
  • To create a healthy environment (work or friendship wise), you need to tell the truth always! If you do not speak up, it is likely that it will backfire in the near future.

Regular, constructive feedback.

  • Feedbacks aren’t meant to expose your flaws, but they’re meant to help you.
  • When you give feedback, you are providing valuable information to the person or the organization!
  • It’s also important to not see status because feedback must flow both ways. After all, there’s always room in everybody for improvement right?

What are you getting out of practicing transparency?

Though creating a transparent environment may be quite the challenge, especially when most people around you never really practice it, carrying out transparency can provide a handful of benefits.

  1. Builds camaraderie
  • As we all know, teamwork is very important when you are part of an organization.
  • Proper teamwork is required so there is a smoother process and better results.
  • Through transparency, you’re able to communicate and solve problems effectively; increasing team strength!

2. Strengthens trust between each other

  • Trust is also a vital element in a healthy environment, and it can be improved through the practice of transparency.
  • Since people practice openness and honesty, relationships between each other become more fluid and less rigid.

3. Improving motivation

  • With motivation, the level of productivity and growth increases.
  • Through clarity and clear instructions, people become more motivated to function better and stay more engaged.
  • This then creates a snowball effect, yielding good results due to productive work!


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