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Key Fundamentals to Preparing for the Future

Sure, 12 years of school may have been dreadful and exhausting, but that’s not the end of your life.

As much as you want to avoid it, the future is inevitable, so might as well prepare for it!

Why do you need to prepare for your future?

  • Think thoroughly, should I watch Netflix, or finish my HW?
  • You’ll realise that life is meaningful, and that you can achieve that huge goal you’ve been aiming for.
  • Although not everything goes your way, what you do plays quite a major role in the outcomes that happen around you.
  • Although success is relative, it’s always good to prepare yourself in order to overcome the hurdles that defy you from crossing that success line.

Well then, what are the key fundamentals needed for what’s next?

  1. Be Confident!
  • Learn to value time, as misusing it may lead to huge problems.
  • It’s not good to spend your whole life in your comfort zone, so if there’s a new event/program that you know you’re interested in, take that leap of faith!
  • Don’t just stick to hydrocarbons, but go explore the world; upgrade yourself by being involved in fun activities/programs where you know you can be greatly benefited.

Essential life skills

Don’t forget, when you live alone, there won’t be any drivers or maids to help you out. Make sure to practise these skills too!

  • Be wise and have self control; make a budget so you won’t be in debt because of the many websites you subscribe to. ;)
  • While you have the time, learn about first aid, health measures and how to organize your items.
  • Learn all the different etiquettes; either being a host, guest, a student, a co-worker and more so you’re developed enough to tackle all your social anxieties.


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