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PRODUCTivity: Time Management

App 1: Google Calendar

  • Schedule and plan out your day.
  • Add reminders and tasks to the calendar as well!
  • Tip: it’s incredibly satisfying to click ‘completed’ and scratch that baby off.

App 2: Microsoft To-Do

  • Whether it be your daily task list or your watch list, go ahead and write it all out with this app!
  • The Notes app might work too, but with this app, you can sort it by different days and categories to keep organized.

App 3: Calendly

  • Choose a window of dates where you want the meetings to be on.
  • The app will automatically be linked to your Google Calendar and block out any times that are busy or already occupied.
  • Send out the link and they’ll be sent to the screen below for them to choose a time they prefer!

App 4: TimeTree

Similar to Calendly, TimeTree also eliminates the tedious process of matching up schedules.

  • The main difference is that instead of just booking a time for one specific activity, you are lining up your whole schedule with other people’s whole schedules.
  • This makes it easier to make plans for a whole month and for multiple people!

Aside from efficiency, you can also share events and notes to remember significant dates (ex. anniversaries, birthdays, first dates).

App 5: Trello

  • Move it from ‘To Do’, ‘Doing’ and ‘Done’ to update your team on your progress.
  • This eliminates the time needed to update each other verbally or by text on the progress of each task.
  • Add images or decorate your team board to motivate them to use it!

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